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What distinguishes Google Ads from organic rankings?

What distinguishes Google Ads from organic rankings?

May 30, 2024 | Admin,

What distinguishes Google Ads from Organic Rankings?

Often, we have been asked about the difference between Google AdWords and organic SEO. Which is better? Both are unique strategies to get your brand the desired attention and work better together rather than picking one of them at a time. However, with this blog, we will share some secret sauce of digital marketing agencies and attempt to delineate the difference between organic ranking and Google ads. 

Digital marketing agencies adopt multiple strategies to help optimize your website. Google, as the most used search engine, helps direct your target customers to your page with the help of keywords, both longform and short form. AdWords is an efficient strategy to get you on the top 3 links of the Google search page instantly, whereas SEO is a sustainable technique that will help you rank higher and better in the long term. 

Simply put, Google AdWords is like renting a lovely house in the heart of downtown. You can rent the apartment in any popular location, having access to the best traffic however once the lease is over and you are no longer paying for it, the rented apartment and the relevant perks are gone. So, while ads will help you attract an audience till the time you’re paying for it, whereas investing in SEO helps boost your organic ranking and helps you rank higher in a sustainable manner. 

How do Google ads work?

The user pays per click for their advertisement. You set the budget as per your objective, which your digital marketing agency can monitor for you and ensure the best return possible. A budget is set which determines the maximum amount you wish to pay for a tap on your ad and the keywords are strategically placed which will help the audience understand what your brand and offerings are about. Since, your competitors will be using the same keywords, it takes a minimum financial investment to achieve the desired results. The budget set by you determines your position on the Google page.

How does SEO work?

Every time someone types a search query in Google, the search engine analyses its inventory and provides relevant pages based on the closest match to the keywords searched. If your page doesn’t come up when a user searches for your service, which means that there is little or no On-page and off page activities done for your website. Failing to appear on the first page of Googe is an opportunity loss, as the user has intent to look for more information or buy your product and services, but doesn’t see you in the first few links and will be highly likely to click on your competitions link. Organic ranking helps provide a better ROI over other forms of paid and pay-per-click options. More traffic can be brought with time with organic results. While you may garner more clicks from a paid ad, the organic ranking will help you get the right traffic to your page and convert that traffic into sales.


Google Ads and Organic ranking are both effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and gain better results. However, patience and consistency are the keys.

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